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About RoomGator

As you know, the best deals are often the ones sold direct on the web, however finding them has been a challenge. Searching for hotels with RoomGator.com allows you to compare the prices from all top hotel agents and book directly with them.

Please note that we are a search engine, not a booking agent. As such, we cannot take enquiries about specific hotels returned in the search results.

We plan to become the leading hotel search engine for business travelers.

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General Inquiries

The easiest way to get in touch with us is by sending an email to roomgator(a)roomgator.com.

Business Inquiries

Do you have a few million dollars in your pocket? Would you like to help us make the next big thing? Please let us know! Feel free to use this email address also for more down to earth business development inquiries. RoomGator developer's are always on the lookout for new partners to grow intelligently and get great, exciting new projects in the pipe. Send email to admin(a)roomgator.com.

Job Inquiries

You want to work as a freelance writer for RoomGator? We are always interested in getting in touch with talented and experienced writers. If you feel you're good at writing about travel, please send your writing samples to davis(a)roomgator.com
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